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Okay Kristopher~~
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i made this myself ^_^
I want to meet you so bad @ovidioluis  (Taken with Instagram)

love this movie<3 


ijfid0jgdf you are also perfect

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Yes, Bitch I'm Mental: i wrote to tristin


you are the most fucked up person in the world how can you live with your self talking shit to people and thinking you are very cool about it? how can you call nicki ignorant and look what you are doing being very stupid and we all know if you ever met her or seen her would be scared to say…

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Lil Wayne “haters” are making posts about how happy they are that he is quitting rap just so they have an excuse to put something about Wayne on their blog.


AND just to tell you guys, he ISN’T quitting. Lol don’t you feel stupid now ?

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everytime isee this ireblog it off tops.
this is creative as fuck.

This is possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen

#Dope !!!

this is fly yo